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November 1, 2018

These days, seemingly everyone is an expert on...everything. Facebook polls can only give you so much credible information, so we wanted to follow up with a part two of our mythbuster series and provide some updated, expert advice on how you can increase your home performance and energy conservation.

You may have heard some of these “energy efficiency hacks,” but beware! Not all “hacks” are created equal. The Diamond Certified home performance specialists at Hassler are the go-to professionals for conserving energy and increasing the home comfort of homes in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin Counties and are here to answer all your questions about staying comfortable at home for less!

Myth #1. Cleaning my duct system will prevent allergies and ensure I have clean air.


In many cases having ducts cleaned actually exasperates the issue by causing  further disconnections and leaks. This causes the air in the space around the duct work to be pulled in to the duct system. Imagine all the musty, dusty air in your crawlspace or attic being blown into your living room or bedrooms? Yuck.

Repairing your ductwork properly will equip your home with airtight ducting so there are no more contaminants entering your living space, an air purification system will actively remove any harmful particles, and then a professional air sealing in both your crawlspace and attic is the icing on the cake to ensure that no unconditioned or contaminated air is entering your home.

Myth #2. An appliance that is turned off is not using any power.


As long as your devices are powered down, they aren’t using any power...right?

It makes sense that as long as your devices aren’t actively on, they aren’t costing you any electricity. But that is only true for devices and appliances that do not use any “standby power”. Standby power is when a device is still drawing electricity while powered off, or on standby mode. This is common with TVs, game consoles, computers, and microwaves. According to a recent study in the US and the UK, standby power consumption averages between 10% and 13% of total power consumption per year. Try unplugging these devices whenever you leave for an extended vacation and see the difference in your energy bill!

Myth #3. Central heating systems are more energy efficient.

It depends.

When it comes to a whole-home heating solution, central heating systems are certainly the most common. But whether or not a central heating system is the most efficient for your home is dependent on many factors.

The ductwork that is associated with central heating systems is prone to leaks and can require frequent maintenance in order to operate efficiently. Most central heating systems require keeping one temperature on your thermostat, so your whole home is one temperature (unless you have a zoned air system). Another solution for zoned heating and cooling is combining multiple ductless mini splits in your home for increased home comfort and control!

Still have questions about how to conserve energy while keeping your home comfortable all year round? Experience the Hassler difference! Call 510-848-3030 or contact us today.

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