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Homeowners in El Cerrito, Berkeley, San Rafael, and the surrounding areas deserve to have the best in heating and cooling preventative maintenance, installation, and repair. Hassler is proud to be recognized as East Bay area’s number one provider of home heating and cooling services, repairing, servicing, and installing the highest quality heating and cooling equipment available today for both residential and commercial buildings. We offer additional services such as duct leakage testing and installation of air filtration systems, ensuring that the air you and your family breathe is safe and clean.


We specialize in cost-effective, energy efficient heating solutions, and our team of experts is ready to help you find the perfect heating solution for your Bay Area home. We have years of experience in retrofitting older homes with new and more efficient systems, and we even offer custom design and installation for remodeling projects. Whether you need a new furnace, want to install a heat pump system, are considering mini-splits for your home, or simply need a repair, you can trust us with your heating needs. Our extensive knowledge of the climate in Berkeley, Richmond, Mill Valley, El Cerrito, and the surrounding areas will ensure that you get a solution that is truly tailored to your home. We specialize in the highest efficiency heating systems and equipment, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy significant energy savings and comfort for years to come.


We know that keeping your home cool can be a primary concern here in the East Bay area. Fortunately, the experts at Hassler are prepared to help you with your cooling needs, whatever they may be. We have helped homeowners install and repair air conditioning systems, convert to zoned air systems, take advantage of ductless mini-split technology, and so much more. We also offer preventative maintenance service agreements and emergency repair services to ensure that your cooling system will continue to function at its best, years after installation. So whether you have an already-existing system that needs servicing, or you are considering making the jump to a more energy efficient cooling system, Hassler has the answers and solutions you are looking for.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality continues to be a growing concern here in California, and for good reason — poor indoor air quality can lead to a variety of symptoms, including frequent headaches, fatigue, nausea, coughing, and allergies. We at Hassler are committed to helping Bay Area homeowners stay safe, healthy, and comfortable with our many indoor air quality services. Our professionals can perform indoor air quality testing, air seal your home, service your air filtration system, install medical-grade air purifiers, and more. So whether you have poorly maintained HVAC systems, improperly sealed windows and doors, or inadequate fresh air coming into your home, we at Hassler will do what it takes to keep you and your family safe and healthy all year long.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee On all Carrier® Installed Equipment

  • If for any reason you, the original purchaser, are not satisfied with your Carrier® system, Hassler will repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove the Carrier® products and refund the purchase price, subject to conditions and limitations. This guarantee will remain in effect for one year after the original installation date. This guarantee is non-transferable. Please contact us for conditions and limitations.

heating in el cerrito

Hassler offers services in retrofitting older homes with new and more energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and has extensive professional knowledge about the Bay Area’s specific heating requirements. In addition, we offer custom design and installation for remodeling projects, and can upgrade your existing heating system to a zone system – one the most effective ways to maximize comfort and energy efficiency in a larger home. Just ask us about the latest technology to serve your particular heating needs.

furnace in el cerrito ca

High energy bills and environmental concerns have brought a great deal of focus to the topic of high efficiency heating equipment. Hassler is a full service furnace installation company servicing El Cerrito, San Ramon, Berkeley, Mill Valley and surrounding areas. Our technicians are trained and prepared to handle your furnace installation needs. At Hassler, we know it’s important to get the right furnace for your home to keep you and your family warm during the colder months.

heat pumps el cerrito

Hassler provides installation, repair and maintenance services for heat pumps which is a cost-effective way of heating your home in winter months. Heat pumps typically have a higher efficiency rating than “gas fired” furnaces and have the added benefit of providing cooling in the summer. Heat pumps are perfectly suited for the East Bay Area’s moderate climate. They offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners.

wall heaters

Designed to heat a specific zone or multiple rooms, a natural vent or direct-vent wall furnace is a smart, energy-saving solution to inefficient, electric baseboard or traditional heating systems.

Hassler provides new installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services for both natural vent wall heaters and direct vent heaters. Both types of heaters are an ecomonical way to heat a small home or an individual space.  A direct vent heater is ideal in cases where it’s difficult to vent out the roof (they can vent directly out the side wall adjacent to the heater).

mini split heat pump

Ductless mini splits are gaining a reputation as the next big thing in heating and cooling technology. Homeowners in Orinda, Oakland, Ross, and surrounding areas are beginning to see mini split heat pumps as a solution to home heating and cooling. Operating without having to rely on a central ductwork system, mini splits provide whole home comfort in ways that traditional heating and cooling systems cannot. They can be utilized in rooms where ductwork is not accessible, but also as a supplement to your main heating and cooling system.

air conditioning el cerrito ca

With excessively hot temperatures during the summer months, having an air conditioning system that is reliable and efficient is a top priority. Homeowners in El Cerrito, Berkeley, San Rafael, and the surrounding area know how important home comfort is, and our team at Hassler has the experience and equipment to make sure your air conditioning system is installed correctly and effectively.

Heating a home’s water is among the top household energy burdens, second only to heating and air conditioning. With this knowledge in hand, it’s important to think through your water heating options. Conventional storage water heaters have long been the home standard for water heaters, constantly using energy to keep water in the tank hot. By only heating water when you need it, a tankless water heater is a key to an energy efficient home that will also save you money.

smart thermostat el cerrito

Hassler provides installation, repair, and maintenance services for programmable thermostats, which are energy efficient and are ideal for people who are away from home during set periods throughout the week. According to the U.S. EPA Energy Star Program®, which helps individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency, proper use of pre-programmed settings on a programmable thermostat can save you about $180 every year in energy costs.

zoned air systems

Take a moment to think about how the lighting in your home works. Imagine if you had one master lighting switch that controlled the whole home with a single flip. You might only need the light of a small lamp, but every light in the house would come on at once. It wouldn’t make sense, right? The amount of energy that would get lost in this process would be nothing short of overwhelming, which is exactly why you shouldn’t be controlling home heating and cooling in such a way.

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They took out our wall furnaces and installed an energy efficient 2 zone heating system. Mike explained his whole process step by step and provided me with many options. I was very pleased with the work they did and would recommend them to anyone.



Bring in the New Year with a New Furnace

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

With the New Year upon us, many Bay Area residents are scrambling to pick up last-minute gifts and get ready for family and friends to visit.

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