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building envelope

The building envelope, also called building enclosure, shell or perimeter, is simply the physical barrier between your home’s conditioned (heated or cooled) and unconditioned air. This consists of exterior walls, roof, sub floor, exterior doors and windows. A tightly-sealed building envelope is effective at keeping conditioned air inside your home, creating a comfortable living space with reduced energy output.

Hassler: California’s Building Envelope Consultant

Your home may be losing up to 15 percent of its cooled or heated air through leaky ducts, inefficient heating and cooling units, poor insulation or other easily solved problems. Hassler is your building envelope consultant. We can look at your whole house, from crawl space to attic, to find areas of wasted energy and create a high-performance strategy to increase your comfort and improve efficiency.

Our team is at the ready to help with all envelope improvements including air sealing, spray foam insulation, home recovery ventilators, and vapor barriers. Our trained technicians understand the conditions that impact California homes and can conduct home energy assessments, home energy ratings and whole house energy evaluations.

The Importance of Ventilation

Your home needs adequate ventilation and a good flow of fresh air to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause health problems. In the East Bay’s varied climate, you also want to feel comfortably protected from drafts and shifting weather. Hassler can make sure your home maintains a healthy indoor climate no matter the environmental conditions.

Improving Your Home’s Building Enclosure Pays Off!

Upgrading your building envelope is the most efficient way to improve your home’s comfort, energy ratings, create a high-performance home environment and lower energy costs.

We can also help you take advantage of any rebates and incentive programs available for homeowners in Orinda, Oakland, San Rafael and surrounding areas.

How It Works:

  1. Contact us to schedule a home energy audit.

  2. A home performance specialist will inspect your home and prepare a detailed report identifying energy efficiency improvements and estimated cost savings.

  3. We provide a written contract detailing work and cost, and will schedule a date for your home performance improvements to begin.

  4. After the work is done, we perform tests to make sure energy efficiency goals are met.

  5. We’ll send you a certificate showing your home’s energy performance improvements.

  6. You’ll receive your cash incentive (if applicable) via mail and start seeing savings on your next energy bill.

Call us to schedule your home energy audit and start saving money on your utility bills today!

Floor Insulation

floor insulation

Say goodbye to those cold morning floors and improve your home comfort with upgraded floor insulation. Hassler Heating uses the top quality insulation products to insulate your East Bay area home, and increase your year round home performance in the El Cerrito, Mill Valley, Berkeley, and Oakland area. 

Wall Insulation

wall insulation

If you are experiencing drafty rooms, consider wall insulation for your East Bay home. Hassler heating and air can diagnose your insulation issues, and professionally install wall insulation for increased home comfort throughout El Cerrito, Berkeley, Mill Valley, Oakland, and the rest of California's East Bay.

Want to know more about your home's building envelope?

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