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Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) impacts your health and can make you sick or uncomfortable at home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says our exposure to air pollution indoors may be 2-5 times higher than it is outdoors. At Hassler, our team is dedicated to helping Orinda, Oakland, Mill Valley and surrounding area homeowners boost the health and safety of their homes.

Symptoms of Poor IAQ in Your Home

Your home should be a place where you feel healthy even if you are spending many hours indoors. If you suffer from allergies, respiratory problems or mold sensitivity, having a properly installed, highly efficient air filtration system is especially important. Do you experience unexplained health changes or start to feel sick at home, but feel better when you have been on vacation or at work? If so, it’s time to schedule a visit with a Hassler air quality inspector.

Additional signs that you need an air quality check include:

  1. Dry eyes, skin, nose, throat

  2. Frequent headaches

  3. Unusual tiredness

  4. Sinus congestion

  5. Nausea

  6. Dizziness

  7. Coughing and sneezing unrelated to illness

  8. Allergies

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Though each home is unique, the root causes of poor IAQ typically stem from one of the following issues:

  1. Poorly maintained heating, cooling and ventilation systems

  2. Improperly sealed and insulated ductwork, attics, windows, doors, etc.

  3. Contaminants such as mold, mildew, chemicals, particles from building materials or common household items getting into the air

  4. Changes in the indoor environment, like temperature or increased humidity

  5. Inadequate fresh air coming into the home

Indoor Air Quality & Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration systems help maintain your health and keep your home operating efficiently. Your filtration, heating and cooling systems work in combination to make your home energy efficient. Some contractors will tell you that an airtight building is the most important goal in home energy efficiency, but we know that indoor air quality and ventilation are also a priority. Hassler’s air quality team understands how to make sure your home is well-ventilated.

We use the IQAir Perfect 16 brand of air filters, a medical grade air filter system recommended by California indoor air quality inspectors. IQAir is the leader in filtering out “ultrafine” particles (less than 0.1 microns in diameter) that can cause heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. This filter fits seamlessly into your new or existing heating and/or air conditioning system to clean the air in your home.

There’s nothing more important than your family’s health and indoor air quality. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our ventilation specialists!

Air Sealing

air sealing el cerrito ca

Even if your home is fully insulated from the attic down to the crawl space, it still most likely suffers from excessive air leakage that robs energy and harms comfort. Building code enforcement is beginning to embrace the need for sealing air leaks in the home, but this is not yet universal.

Vapor Barriers

vapor barrier el cerrito

A vapor barrier is a layer of impermeable material that prevents moisture from damaging a structure. Vapor barriers play a key role in homes in El Cerrito, Berkeley, San Rafael, surrounding areas as they can help to keep your crawlspace from becoming damp or wet.

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