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Do you freeze at night without slippers on, even when the thermostat says 68? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at what is (or isn’t) under your floor.

Comfort & Your Floorfloor insulation

Our perception of comfort is influenced largely by the temperature of the surfaces we touch. Living without floor insulation, then, can have a huge impact on your comfort, not to mention your energy bills. Correctly installed floor insulation is at an unfortunate disadvantage. Time-consuming to install well and rarely inspected, floor insulation, even in recently built homes in the Marin and East Bay counties and the surrounding area, can suffer from major comfort problems.

Fixing Your Chilly Floors

When considering your floor insulation options, our team assesses two key factors of your Marin or East Bay Area home: the type of construction of your floor system and any moisture problems in your basement or crawlspace. Depending on what we find, we take one of two approaches to best insulate your floor:

1. Denim Batt Insulation

Most often, Hassler uses denim batt Ultratouch insulation, which is installed like fiberglass but is made from recycled material and contains fewer chemicals than fiberglass.

2. Spray Foam Insulation

If your crawl space is constructed with post & beam, spray foam is much more effective than batt insulation.  

No matter the method we end up using for your home, floor insulation is a simple way to greatly improve your comfort in your home and to save energy on heating and cooling. Our team will also work with you to see if you qualify for any of California’s applicable rebates and incentives to make your floor insulation project even more affordable.

Don’t let cold feet ruin your comfort at home. Serving homes in Oakland Hills, El Cerrito, San Rafael, and surrounding areas, Hassler is ready to make sure your floor insulation is done right. 

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