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If you have been hearing or seeing the term “heat pumps” or “ductless mini split” more often as you research home heating and cooling replacement options, you may be wondering why it is so many homeowners here in the East Bay are scheduling heat pump installation. But one of the primary reasons is: they run entirely on electricity!

Why Heat Pumps?

  • Efficient operation for all seasons
  • Heating and cooling modes
  • Improved comfort and indoor air quality 
  • Multiple design solutions to fit any home

The Role Heat Pumps Play in Electrification

Electrification, or the all-electric home, is the process of transitioning your home appliances and systems away from using fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, or propane. This is not always done all at once, and many homeowners elect to replace their combustion appliances as they near the end of their life expectancy. Heat pumps heat and cool your home using only electricity. This is done by moving heat instead of using combustion to create it. 

Over half of the energy used in American homes goes to heating and cooling, so when it comes to finding the home upgrade that will have the greatest impact on your carbon emissions, and your energy costs, heat pumps are near the top! 

Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners

What makes a heat pump different than an air conditioner? They operate in a similar manner, by taking heat from inside the home and sending it back outside, which cools your home. Heat pumps, however, often have a slight edge in efficiency.

Heat Pump vs Furnace

Comparing a heat pump to a propane furnace or boiler is where the efficiency of heat pumps shines. Many heat pumps are rated to find heat in temperatures below zero, making them well suited for the East Bay climate. Plus, when you upgrade from a furnace to a heat pump, you are gaining cooling power as well, which can even offer a slight increase in property value. 

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With Purchase of a new HVAC System
Keep Everything Running Smoothly to Save You $$$ Down the Road
Convert both your gas furnace and gas water heater to a heat pump and heat pump water heater at the same time and get $2,500 for your old equipment.
Keep Your Home Healthy!
Home energy audit credited upon installation with Hassler
with Heat Pump or Heat Pump Water Heater Conversion
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