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Our energy upgrade solutions are designed to lower your utility bills while increasing your comfort and your homes efficiency. We start by conducting a home energy audit to look for wasted energy and potential cost savings.  We then offer comprehensive plans to maximize home energy usage, while providing detailed information about possible cash rebates and incentives.

How it Works

Steps to achieve savings and increased indoor comfort and efficiency:

  • Schedule a home energy audit with us.
  • Our energy upgrade specialist will spend a few hours inspecting your home and discuss the findings with you.
  • Our technician will prepare a detailed report identifying any possible improvements and the potential cost savings.
  • We will provide a written contract detailing the work to be done and the exact cost.
  • Schedule a date for the work to be started.
  • Once the work is complete, we will perform tests to ensure that the energy efficiency goals were achieved.
  • Once you have signed-off on the work, you will receive a certificate describing what energy efficiency improvements were completed.
  • Receive your cash incentive via mail and view your savings on the very next energy bill.

Why Participate

The Energy Upgrade Solutions program allows homeowners to increase their comfort while lowering their expenses at the same time. Participants will receive:

  • Energy Bill Savings: Average spending on utilities in the United States for a family of four averages to about $2,000 per year. A savings of up to 25% can be achieved with just a few small changes or a more complete energy usage overhaul.
  • Improved Comfort: 15% of cooled or heated air may be lost to leaky ducts, inefficient HVAC systems, or other problems. This means money is essentially being pumped out the door into attics, walls, and other desired spaces. Making replacements and repairs will send the conditioned air back into living areas and allow a more comfortable temperature to be reached at no additional cost.
  • Energy Conservation: Residential homes account for 22% of energy usage in the United States. Ensuring that a home is not wasting energy does not just save money, it also saves the environment.
building envelope

A high performance building perimeter (or "envelope"), including properly-installed attic, floor and wall insulation, can lower home heating and cooling bills. Hassler can help improve your home's building envelope so you can stay safe and comfortable in your home.

indoor air quality

Are you suffering from allergy like symptoms in your own home? Hassler's indoor air quality team can install air filtration systems for mold mitigation and allergy relief while improving your indoor health and comfort in El Cerrito, Mill Valley, Berkeley, Oakland and the rest of California's East Bay.

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Maximize your home performance and reduce the carbon footprint of your El Cerrito & Oakland, CA area home with whole-home energy efficiency upgrades from Hassler, like solar panels, high-efficiency windows, a BESO assessment, attic platforms and more. Call the whole home experts at Hassler today!

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Home Performance MythBusters: Part One

Hand using a smart device monitoring home performance while a couple celebrates in the background
Monday, August 10, 2015

Myths about home performance proliferate quickly in today’s fast-paced communities, and the East Bay area is no exception. You may have heard some of the following statements from friends, family or coworkers, or on social media.

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