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Take a look at many of the homes scattered around the East Bay area in cities like Lafayette, Berkeley and Mill Valley, and you’ll no doubt find many that built ductwork systems to accommodate air conditioning systems and forced-air heaters. Just because a home has ductwork, however, doesn’t mean that it’s effective. Many ductwork systems are currently greatly undersized and are very leaky, some even have asbestos insulation covering them. The average ductwork system can be very inefficient due to impeded airflow and other issues, resulting in poor performance across the board. Some homes don’t even feature any ductwork at all and rely on electric baseboard heaters and window unit ACs for heating and cooling respectively.

If your ductwork is leaky, it can be causing more harm than just losing heat. Leaky ductwork can be a source of poor indoor air quality. Unconditioned air can move from the source of the ductwork, like attics or crawlspaces, and be leaked into the living space. This could result in allergens, dust, and other pollutants entering your home.

California homeowners with poor ductwork may want to consider ductwork installation or repair in their homes, yet most have no idea what to expect from the process. Fortunately, with Hassler, it’s not nearly as confusing as you might think.

What to Expect

The first step in ductwork installation or repair in your home is to conduct a home energy assessment. Essentially, a home energy audit is like a visit to the doctor for your home and will give us a clear idea of any home performance issues you may experiencing—including those related to your ductwork. A trained professional will come into your home to determine exactly what issues your ductwork is up against, or—if you don’t currently have ductwork in your home—look into ways in which it might be able to be incorporated.

From there, we’ll work to develop a plan that will best suit your home, which involves choosing the right materials to work with, determining where the ductwork will be placed and examining how it will interact with your home heating and cooling system. Once we have a plan in place and have agreed upon a course of action, our contractors will install your new duct system in as minimally invasive a way as possible. Our experts also perform Manual D Duct engineering before we install your new ductwork to ensure your system will have sufficient airflow and static pressure.

Why Install New Ductwork?

ductwork repair

Whether your current ductwork is underperforming or you don’t have any ducts in your home at all, looking towards a new install can be worth your while for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Enhanced home performance
  • Increased energy efficiency 
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Improved home comfort
  • Lower energy bills

Depending upon the size of the job, installing or repairing ductwork can be a big decision, and we’re here to guide you through it from beginning to end.

To learn more about how we’ll approach a ductwork project in your home or to schedule a home energy audit, contact us today.

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3 Steps Towards Better Air Quality

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