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Contrary to popular belief, new windows are not necessarily the best investment for most people who want to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Dual pane windows insulate about three times as well as older single pane windows, and are much more airtight, but they are also very expensive. In most older homes, the homeowner could insulate the attic, walls, and floors of the home for less money than it would cost to replace all the windows, and the insulation would have a much more pronounced effect on energy savings, indoor air quality, comfort, and noise, as compared with replacement windows.

However, if you have other reasons to replace windows, such as aesthetics, poor operation of older windows, or a source of noise, energy efficiency becomes one more good reason to go ahead! Hassler has partnered with Custom-Exteriors to provide high quality replacement windows that meet Energy Star criteria.

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Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

indoor air quality
Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A lot of homeowners living in Berkeley or Oakland, CA find themselves focusing more and more each year on improving energy efficiency.

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