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You eat 3-5 nutritious meals a day. You try to drink 8 glasses of pure water a day. You obviously care about your health. But what do you do to make sure that the 30,000 breaths you take every day truly revitalize your body? It may not be possible to control the air everywhere. However, the passion at IQAir is to help you control the air in the most important environment – your home. We deliver air purification products that can make a real difference. While other companies may focus on profits, IQAir is truly passionate about delivering the very best air quality products in the world. Not all purifiers are created equal. 

Other manufacturers make unsubstantiated claims and offer little more than slogans. In fact, most HEPA air cleaners are advertised to be 99.97% efficient. That may sound impressive, but their claims are based on the theoretical efficiency of their filter material, not on the actual clean air coming out of the air purifier. That’s where IQAir is different. While other air purifiers often fail to meet even 10% of their label claims, IQAir combines the very best air filtration technology in the world with superior design to deliver pure, clean air that meets or exceeds the claims.

It’s time to get serious about air quality.

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