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Electrification is the process of converting all of your home’s equipment to exclusively run on electric-powered appliances and completely eliminating fossil fuels. This switch to all-electric homes offers several efficiency and environmental benefits, however it may seem complicated for many homeowners in the East Bay. 

Hassler Heating & Air offers several all-electric services that can help you meet your home electrification goals. We stay up to date on the latest clean energy requirements for Marin, Contra Costa, and Alameda counties as well as what incentives are available to make the switch more affordable. 

California Electrification Requirements

California has a goal to achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2045. This means that the same amount of carbon emissions that is releasd into the atmosphere by a building (or the state in this case) is also removed through various means. As part of this goal—which is the first of its kind in the world—the state has or will implement several regulations on the types of equipment that can be installed in a building. 

A few of these regulations are in place now, more will be implemented by 2030, and some dates are still to be determined. Here’s what’s on our radar in Marin, Contra Costa, and Alameda counties:

  • NOx emissions ban on furnaces & water heaters - The Bay Area now regulates emissions from furnaces and water heaters, requiring them to be Ultra Low NOx. This means that gas appliances with high emissions will no longer be sold and fully phased out by 2029 to drastically reduce NOx emissions.
  • All-electric requirements for new construction - Natural gas and propane connections and appliances are no longer allowed for new construction homes. All appliances must be electric, with appropriate panels to support a home’s demand.

As new ordinances are announced or put in place, Hassler Heating & Air will update this page with the requirements for homeowners.

Benefits of Electrification

Home electrification not only helps reduce carbon emissions from your home and meets California’s zero net energy guidelines, it also provides several benefits to your home comfort, health, and efficiency.

    • Energy & Cost Savings - Today’s all-electric appliances are known for their superior efficiency and many homeowners notice a significant reduction in their year-round energy bills after electrifying their homes. 
    • Indoor Air Quality Benefits - Electric HVAC systems offer innovative ventilation and air purification capabilities that can help reduce pollutants in your home, like moisture, allergens, VOCs, and more.
    • Improved Home Safety - By eliminating fossil fuels from your home, like propane and gas, you’re also eliminating your risk of dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. 
    • Renewable Energy Integration - One of the great things about upgrading your home to run exclusively on electricity is that you can generate your own for free when you also install solar panels. The Bay Area is ideal for solar energy production, making it a smart choice for homeowners. 
  • Innovative Technologies - Today’s electric appliances are equipped with highly-advanced technologies that make them easier to use and more efficient. Some of these features include in-app monitoring & controls, predictive maintenance, machine learning, and more.
  • Increased Comfort - In addition to increasing the efficiency of your home, electric appliances are also more effective than their fossil fuel predecessors. When you upgrade your home to electric HVAC systems you’ll notice more consistent temperatures and advanced humidity control to stay more comfortable.

Home Electrification Steps

Every home is unique, and the exact steps to take in order to electrify will vary depending on what fossil fuel appliances you own. The team of all-electric experts at Hassler Heating & Air can help guide you through the process of home electrification, one step at a time. 

Home Efficiency & Panel Upgrades

Before you begin your electrification journey, it’s important to make sure your home is well prepared for the additional electricity demand and high-performance appliances. While we don’t do electric panel upgrades at Hassler, we can help with your home’s building envelope.

Air sealing & insulation play a key role in electrification because together, they can significantly reduce your home's energy usage. According to the Department of Energy, these essential home upgrades can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 20%, enhance the performance and lifespan of your equipment, and reduce strain on the electrical grid. 

Heating & Cooling Upgrades

A substantial amount of a home’s energy usage is spent on heating and cooling, making it a good place to start with home electrification. Replacing your home’s gas, propane, or oil burning HVAC system with an all-electric heat pump or ductless mini split not only helps create an all-electric home, but you’ll notice a significant difference in your comfort and year-round energy bills. 

Heat pumps move heat instead of creating it, making them some of the most efficient heating & cooling systems on the market today. In addition to the possible energy savings, heat pumps can be used to both heat and cool your home, meaning one system can be used to replace both your furnace and air conditioner.

Water Heating

The Department of Energy reports that water heating uses about 20% of a home’s energy usage. Heat pump water heaters offer an all-electric alternative to traditional water heating, utilizing the same technology as heat pump HVAC systems. In many cases, a heat pump water heater can even integrate with your home’s heat pump heating & cooling system!

By using the ambient heat that already exists in your home, heat pump water heaters are up to three times more efficient than oil or gas water heaters. They are able to supply your home with reliable hot water and even have a longer lifespan of up to 15 years. 

Kitchen Appliances

Gas stoves can release carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants into your home’s air, which has a considerable impact on your indoor air quality. Electric induction burners provide a safer way to cook indoors by eliminating this risk of the contaminants getting into your breathing air.

Many homeowners are skeptical about switching to induction burners, however they provide a better cooking experience by more evenly distributing heat. Induction stoves also don’t hold residual heat once they’re turned off, which reduces your risk of fire and burns. We don’t install kitchen appliances at Hassler, but we can run the dedicated circuit for the unit as part of a larger work scope. However, they are still an important part of home electrification.

Clothes Drying

When electrifying your home, it’s important to find energy savings wherever possible. Even if your home’s current dryer is electric, upgrading to an energy efficient heat pump clothes dryer can use up to 50% less energy when compared to standard dryers. Heat pump clothes dryers also don’t require ventilation, giving you flexibility with where you choose to place one in your home. Hassler Heating & Air doesn’t install clothes dryers, but we can run the dedicated circuit for the unit as part of a larger work scope. However, we recognize their importance in any home electrification project.

California Electrification Incentives 

There are several incentives available to homeowners throughout the East Bay for making steps to electrify their homes. Hassler Heating & Air stays up-to-date with federal incentives as well as local rebates so we can help our customers maximize their savings on all-electric home upgrades. 

25C Federal Tax Credits

Also referred to as the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit, this incentive will reduce your federal tax liability by 30% of the total cost for eligible home upgrades. The 25C tax credit can be used for several electrification projects, and be used year after year as you make improvements to your home. Here are the qualified home improvements:

  • Heat pumps & ductless mini splits: Up to $2,000
  • Electric panel upgrades: Up to $600
  • Insulation & air sealing: Materials only, up to $1,200
  • Heat pump water heaters: Up to $2,000
  • $150 For a Home Energy Audit/Assessment

TECH Clean California Rebates

TECH Clean California has partnered with The Switch is On to offer home electrification rebates throughout the state. Hassler Heating & Air is a participating contractor in this rebate program and we can help you save on multiple all-electric upgrades. These rebates can even be combined with other incentives from your local utility for optimal savings. Eligible electric products include:

  • Heat pump and mini split rebates: Up to $1,000 per unit (2 max)
  • Heat pump water heater rebates: Up to $1,000 for electric conversions, up to $3,800 for gas-to-electric conversions

Golden State Rebates

Homes throughout the entire state are eligible for Golden State rebates on home electrification products and services, including:

  • Heat pump water heater rebates: $500 for electric conversions, $900 for natural gas conversions

BayRen Rebates

Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayRen) offers several rebates for home electrification projects, including:

  • Heat pump water heater rebates: Up to $400
  • Insulation rebates: Up to $1,000
  • Heat pump rebates: Up to $250 for electric conversions, up to $400 for fuel conversions
  • Heat pump dryer rebates: Up to $250 

Midstream rebates are out of funding. This program is no longer active. Midstream rebates are out of funding. This program is no longer active. Electrify at Your Own Pace with Hassler Heating & Air.

We believe that home electrification is the best choice for East Bay homes, but we also understand that not everyone can make upgrades all at once. When you work with our team, we’ll help you build an electrification plan that works with your needs and budget. Ready to go all-electric in Marin, Contra Costa, or Alameda County?

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