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August 10, 2015

Myths about home performance proliferate quickly in today’s fast-paced communities, and the East Bay area is no exception. You may have heard some of the following statements from friends, family or coworkers, or on social media. We want to clear things up and share the truth!

Myth #1: New homes are always energy efficient.


A home’s energy efficiency is less related to its age than to its construction and design. While most new homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, important aspects are often overlooked. Lack of proper insulation is a common flaw in new homes, for example. This can seriously affect the efficiency of even the most modern home comfort systems.

Myth #2: Closing off vents and registers is an effective way to reduce your heating and cooling bills.


Forced air heating systems have vents and registers located throughout the home for air distribution. People close some of their vent louvers as a way to direct warm or cool air only to certain rooms and not others. There are a couple problems with this practice. First, modern systems feature a balanced pressure load throughout the house – and by blocking vents you are throwing that balance off. This can cause your system to work harder. When a system works harder it will use more energy and can shorten equipment life and cause costly repairs.   

Second, it’s actually more energy efficient overall to distribute conditioned air evenly throughout your house. Air will still move around, whether or not you close your vents. By using your system as it’s designed, you’ll be more comfortable and prevent having to crank your thermostat.

Myth #3: The bigger the air conditioning unit, the cooler the home.


High-efficiency air conditioners can save you money, but if your AC unit is not right-sized for your home and your current ducting infrastructure is under sized it could have the opposite effect. Thanks to advancements in technology you can now cool a home without having an enormous AC unit

Also, no matter what size AC unit you install, you’ll need proper filtration, duct sizing, insulation and air sealing to take advantage of the system’s cooling power. With poor insulation and sealing, your high-efficiency air conditioner could be sending cool air straight to the outside.

Home performance is complicated – ask the professionals at Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning to help you bust through the myths and develop real solutions. Call us today!

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