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When it comes to helping the State of California reach its carbon reduction goals, there are plenty of things homeowners can do. However, replacing the inefficient or fossil fuel based appliances in your home may be one of the few things you can do that benefits you and your family, as well!

There are many benefits to an all-electric home, from energy savings (yes, savings!) and carbon emission reduction to future code compliance and even valuable rebates. Here is everything you need to know about what is also known as electrification here in California, and how you can turn your upcoming air conditioner, furnace, water heater, or even kitchen stove replacement into an environmentally friendly, energy saving investment. 

How is an All-Electric Home More Efficient?

It may seem odd to claim that a home that only uses electricity to power its appliances might actually save energy, and thus save carbon emissions. But the electrification movement combines two important aspects of home energy usage: a cleaner electricity grid (more renewable energy sources, like solar and wind) and modern high efficiency technology. 

High efficiency, all-electric equipment includes (but is not limited to):

When you consider an all-electric home will not have a natural gas or propane utility bill, it has been estimated that just switching to heat pumps alone can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs each year. (A study done among Texas homes estimated an all-electric savings of $57 to $452 when compared to natural gas and propane.)

Saving with BayRen Rebates

BayRen is helping Californians pay for replacing their outdated furnaces, air conditioners, and other efficient appliances through the The BayRen Home + Electrification Rebate Program. In order to qualify for these BayRen incentives, your original natural gas line must be capped, and photos must be submitted for approval. This program offers a $1,000 rebates on the cost of installation of the following all-electric measures:

  1. Upgrading to an electric heat pump water heater

  2. Switching from an old gas wall or floor furnace to a ductless mini-split heat pump. *This option requires you to have an existing window or wall AC unit (portable AC units do not currently qualify)

  3. Upgrading to a ducted heat pump system if you have an existing central AC and gas furnace in your home

Hassler has the All-Electric Appliances You Need

If your heating and cooling system is on its last leg, now is the time to consider starting your electrification process. Hassler can help you plan for a future of using cleaner, greener electricity to power your home, and ensure your home is operating at peak performance through home improvements like upgrading your insulation, air sealing, and installing a home recovery ventilator.

Curious why so many homeowners are switching to all-electric?

Learn how you can save with BayRen!


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