The Energy Savings Assistance Program through Energy Upgrade California is a no cost program that provides a solution to homeowners and renters that need a more energy efficient home. In order to qualify, you must meet their income qualifications and must also be receiving electric service from a California utility company. The home improvements they can address are the following:

Honeywell has been around since Pre-1880’s innovating new designs into the thermostat world. Starting with bimetal sensor technology they led the way to the automatic thermostat technology we know and love today. However; they didn’t stop there, today’s thermostats can be controlled through your smart phone and tablets!

There is no doubt about it, here at Hassler Heating and Air  Conditioning we truly are dedicated to customer service. Our employees are outstanding and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have a warm home! Whether we are fixing your current system by installing new parts or bringing it up to code to help with efficiency, we won’t stop until you are satisfied.

Thanks to everyone who came out this year to support the Solano Stroll.

See you next year!

On September 30 the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency announced they are in the process of putting together a rebate for rainwater collection. You can get up to $100 for a 50 gallon barrel of runoff. Rainwater collection is a fairly easy process and  can be as simple as directing gutters to a lidded garbage can or as complex as a concrete cistern. Make your water collection system today and start collecting your rebate money!



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Convert both your gas furnace and gas water heater to a heat pump and heat pump water heater at the same time and get $2,500 for your old equipment.
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Home energy audit credited upon installation with Hassler
with Heat Pump or Heat Pump Water Heater Conversion
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