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Get your air conditioner ready for the summer temperatures by following this summer prep checklist. Schedule AC maintenance with Hassler Heating and Air before the big rush, and keep your cooling costs low throughout the hot months here in Contra Costa, Marin, and Alameda Counties.

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Does Berkeley's ban on natural gas affect the appliances in your home? Learn how you can replace your natural gas or propane appliances with all electric heat pumps, mini splits, heat pump water heaters/dryers, and more. Hassler Heating & Air specializes in energy efficient, all electric appliance installation.

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It isn't uncomfortably hot every day in the Bay Area, but each summer and in early fall has days when you really wish you had AC. Hassler Heating explains how air conditioning can ensure you never have to suffer through another heat wave, and how different AC options can keep you cool and lower your energy bill at the same time!

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Learn why California is asking homeowners to switch to all electric appliances, and how you can save up to $1,150 on your ductless mini split of heat pump water heater installation. Hassler specializes in helping homeowners throughout Berkeley and Marin County with their electrification.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic causes significant changes in our lives, we at Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning (Hassler) have implemented a new safety policy to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all team members, customers and the community at large.

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You depend on the furnace of your HVAC system to provide you with the heat you need all winter long. But before the winter temperatures arrive, the experts at Hassler recommend taking this transition period to fix any of the HVAC issues that are spiking your energy bills or undermining your overall home comfort.

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Do you know what effect the wildfires and falling leaves are having on your air quality? The experts at Hassler uncover all the indoor air pollutants that could be entering your home, and how you can fix them. From air sealing to air purifiers and heat recovery ventilators, Hassler has your indoor air quality covered.

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When you have a failing furnace requiring multiple repairs a year, it may be time to replace it. A new furnace from the California home heating professionals at Hassler will save you money in the long run. Hassler professionally installs, maintains and repairs furnaces in Alameda, Marin and Contra Costa counties.

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Watch as Hassler explains the difference between a standard central air conditioning system, and the versatile, efficient heating and cooling power of a ductless mini split heat pump. Hassler Heating is the premier heating and cooling contractor providing mini split installation throughout the East Bay area.

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Is your air conditioner ready for the marathon of summer? Scheduling home energy assessment with Hassler will provide you with all the info you need to save on your cooling bills in Alameda, Contra Costa, & Marin counties this summer. Hassler is the trusted home performance contractor in California's East Bay area.


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