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August 25, 2022

When we talk to homeowners in Marin, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties about issues they have with keeping their homes comfortable, a few problems pop up again and again:

  • High energy bills

  • Hot second floors in the summertime

  • Uneven room-to-room comfort

Luckily, AC zoning can address all three of these issues! Zoned air system installation helps you customize your home's heating and air conditioning to be more efficient and deliver more targeted comfort everywhere that your home needs it (and nowhere it doesn't!).

1. AC Zoning Saves Money

Odds are, you don't usually need the air conditioning running in every single room of your home at the same time. More likely, there are a few rooms that get high traffic from your family, and a number of rooms that aren't frequently used, or are only used during certain times of the day.

A zoned air system addresses this by creating independent "zones" throughout your Berkeley home that you can separately control. Instead of setting one temperature for the entire house, you can run your AC higher or lower in different areas, reducing energy waste. Effective use of HVAC zoning can help lower your energy bills by as much as 30%!

2. AC Zoning Prevents Temperature Issues in Multi-Story Homes

If you own a home with multiple floors, you're likely familiar with the following summertime scenario: It's a hot July afternoon and the AC is cranking. And yet, your second floor is uncomfortably hot while your first floor is too cold! You're wasting energy cooling an entire floor when that energy could be better directed towards other areas of your house.

With zoning, you can target the areas and floors in your El Cerrito home that need the AC on, and ease off on the gas pedal for areas that are already at a comfortable temperature.

3. Everyone Wins the Thermostat Battle with AC Zoning

Everyone has their own individual comfort preferences, which anyone with family who has fought over the thermostat setting can attest to. With HVAC zoning, family members in different areas of the house don't have to compromise—everyone can be comfortable indoors!

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps—An HVAC Alternative with Zoning Benefits

There's more than one way to create different HVAC zones in a home! In addition to creating an HVAC zoned system, ductless heat pump installation is another option. Mini splits, as these units are called, are installed directly into specific rooms and areas in your San Rafael home, and they don't hook up to central ductwork. Each mini-split head can be controlled independently, giving you the same benefits of a zoned HVAC system without the need for duct access.

Experience the Hassler Difference Today!

Not all air conditioning contractors are the same, and Hassler is the perfect example of a California company that goes above and beyond to serve its customers. From our training and experience to superior customer service, we're there when homeowners in our service area need us, from AC zoning to ductless mini splits installation and much, much more.

Customize your home comfort and save money today. Call 510-296-3231 or contact us to learn more about AC zoning from Hassler.

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