Still from Hassler Videographic "California's All-Electric Future"

Watch and learn how California is transitioning to using clean electricity instead of fossil fuels to keep our homes comfortable. Hassler Heating & AC is a home heating and cooling contractor in the greater East Bay area. Start your all-electric upgrade one piece at a time, with Hassler.

Screenshot from Hassler Videographic "Ways to Keep Comfortable in the East Bay"

Watch this video to learn about some of the common problems and solutions for East Bay homeowners looking to keep their homes cool, while keeping heating and cooling costs low. Schedule AC maintenance, ductless mini-split installation. Or insulation upgardes with Hassler, and stay cool this summer!

Heat Pump Outside

Learn about the ways in which a heat pump can improve the comfort, efficiency, and humidity levels in your East Bay area home. Hassler Heating and AC offers AC replacement and heat pump installation and can find a heat pump solution for your home.

Why Switch to a Heat Pump in the East Bay?

Learn about the differences between heat pump types and whether they work well for homes in the East Bay area. Hassler Heating and AC is a trusted heat pump installation contractor serving Contra Costa, Marin, and Alameda counties. Learn more about the benefits of heat pump installation here.

Woman cleaning mini split

Looking to get your cooling system into tip-top shape before the real heat arrives here in Marin, Contra Costa, or Alameda county? Check out this HVAC to-do list for 2022, from the home comfort experts at Hassler. From AC maintenance to furnace tune-ups, mini split maintenance, and more, Hassler has you covered.

Electric Heat Pump outside next to a flower

The update to California's energy codes is heavily encouraging heat pump installation and is offering over $1 billion in consumer benefit. Learn more about the future of California's energy codes, and what it means for how you keep your home comfortable! Hassler is a heat pump installer in California's East Bay.

Infographic of a Mitsubishi Heat Pump with an Energy Star logo

Looking to install a new heat pump in your East Bay area home? Heat pumps and ductless mini split systems can find warmth outdoors even on the coldest days to provide efficient heating. Get started today with the heat pump experts at Hassler Heating and AC.

Woman sitting next to window in winter

See what common indoor air quality issues affect homes here in the East Bay, and find out how you can keep the contaminants and allergens in your breathing air to a minimum. Hassler Heating & AC offers a full range of IAQ services to increase your home ventilation, improve air filtration, and more.

Heat Pump outside apartment building

Learn why heat pumps have become such an impactful home upgrade when it comes to building electrification, and how you can use heat pumps in your home to live more comfortably and efficiently here in the East Bay. Hassler provides heat pump installation throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin counties.

Still image from the videographic: Electrification & Heat Pumps

Watch this video to learn why heat pumps are so important to the electrification movement, and how your East Bay home can benefit from an efficient heat pump. Hassler installs all electric appliances to keep your home comfortable, like heat pump water hearts, ductless mini splits, and more.


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