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Rockridge HVAC Services: Heater, AC, Furnace Repair & Replacement

Cooling and heating your Rockridge, Oakland home effectively and efficiently is essential to staying comfortable and avoiding unnecessary expenses on utilities. Hassler’s air conditioning and heating services can help your home save energy and money.

Comfort & Energy Savings for Your Rockridge, Oakland Home

East of Telegraph Avenue and west of the Oakland hills, your Rockridge home deserves the highest quality and efficiency HVAC system. Whether you live right next to Claremont Country Club or off Claremont Avenue, Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning can help keep your home comfortable throughout the year while saving you money on energy bills.

Hassler: The Rockridge HVAC Solution

The experts at Hassler are familiar with every style of home in Rockridge and can resolve any cooling, heating or indoor air quality problem. Hassler specializes in HVAC installations, service and maintenance, energy efficiency upgrades and insulation, to guarantee your home is comfortable, healthy and increases in value.


If you are interested in increasing the resale value of your home in Rockridge, you should consider investing in long-term upgrades that won’t be affected by trends, done in styles that might not appeal to everyone. Kitchen and bathroom renovations, for example, tend to be fleetingly popular and trendy, while an upgrade to a high-efficiency home system will see a true return on investment. Hassler will ensure your home is provided with an energy efficient, modern system or upgrade. All HVAC and home performance solutions provided by Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning will make your home more comfortable while reducing your energy bills and impact on the environment.

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Boost your Rockridge home’s value and increase your comfort!


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