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September 24, 2020

One of the ways hospitals, public transportation authorities, and other high touch, high traffic industries across the world have been handling sterilization during the COVID-19 pandemic is by using UV (more specifically, UV-C light) to disrupt and destroy viruses and bacteria in the air or on surfaces. And even though UV light radiation can be dangerous to humans, this efficient sterilization process can also be used to safely clean the air in your home!

Here are the facts around how UV light purification works, how a UV light purifier can be installed in your home, and how it can increase the overall health of your home and the occupants in it. 

Understanding UV Light Purification

In order to understand how you can safely use UV light to purify the air in your home, we must first go over how it works. UV light, in this case UV-C light, occurs naturally in the light from the sun. However, it is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere before it can reach the surface (this is why humans don’t experience any of the dangers of UVC radiation here on earth).

DNA is particularly sensitive to the UV spectrum, and when subjected to the right dose of UV light, the DNA of a living cell is disrupted, which prevents it from replicating. When applied to a virus or bacteria, UVC light radiation prevents infection by preventing the virus from reproducing! In hospitals, planes, trains, and even hotels, a UV sanitation light is placed in a room that has been emptied of any personnel, and the entire room is subjected to enough UVC light to kill any virus or bacteria in the air or on any surfaces. This is a much more efficient and effective way of sterilizing high traffic and high touch areas that may have been exposed to dangerous organisms, like staphylococcus bacteria (staph infections), the flu, and yes, COVID-19. 

So, how can all of this happen safely in your home, without harming humans?

Installing a UV Light in Your Heating and Cooling System

A small UV air purification system can be installed in your home, behind the safety of your central heating and cooling system. This small device (at Hassler, we currently install the Air Scrubber by Aerus) is a series of UVC-emitting lights installed in the return, or intake, side of your home comfort system. These lights subject the air circulating your home to the right dosage of radiation, killing 99% of surface contaminants including H1N1 (swine flu), H5N8 (avian bird flu), COVID-19, and Hepatitis A over a period of just 24 hours.

Surface-Cleaning Clusters

The Air Scrubber UV air purifier doesn’t just stop there, though. In the process of killing the harmful bacteria in your breathing air, the Air Scrubber also creates oxidizing clusters of hydrogen and oxygen which can kill similar harmful contaminants that have settled on the surfaces throughout your home. 

The Benefits of UV Light Air Purification

Breathing healthier air is the main attraction when it comes to UV air purifiers. However, there are many additional benefits to killing the harmful bacteria and viruses in your home, including:

  • Reduced reliance on harmful sanitation chemicals

  • Decreased risk of mold growth in your ductwork

  • Less dust in the home

  • Reduced dust as well as less wear and tear on the coils of your furnace or air conditioner

UV light air purification is a low investment, high reward indoor air quality solution. If you are looking to increase the health of your home here in Contra Costa and Marin counties, ask Hassler about how we can integrate a UV air purifier in your heating and air conditioning system today!

Looking for an efficient and safe way to clean the air on your home? Ask Hassler about UV light purification today. Call 510-848-3030 or get in touch with us here.

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