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home energy audit
July 6, 2023

Home energy assessments are often misunderstood as being like a visit to the doctor—many homeowners don’t think they need one unless there is something seriously wrong with their homes. 

However, a home energy assessment, also known as an energy audit, will identify areas where your home is losing energy and provide solutions to save money on your heating bills, even if your home is brand new! Hassler offers professional energy assessments for homeowners in the East Bay. 

Let's dig deeper into what a California home energy audit is, and why it is worth it for you to schedule one. 

What Are the Benefits of an Energy Assessment?

The goal of an energy assessment is to locate any and all ways that your home might be losing energy. At the end of your assessment, you will receive a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for improvements that will have the most significant impact on your energy costs and home comfort levels. Depending on the results, you may benefit from services like new insulation, air sealing, heating and cooling system maintenance, window replacement, duct repair, or a combination of these services.

By making the right energy efficiency upgrades, you'll notice long-term benefits like:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • A more comfortable home in every season
  • Consistent temperatures throughout every room 
  • No more cold drafts
  • Healthier indoor air quality

What Happens During an Energy Assessment?

During an energy assessment, Hassler's certified professionals will evaluate your insulation levels, how much air leakage your home has, the efficiency of your windows and doors, heating and cooling system performance, and more to determine where even the smallest energy loss is occurring. 

Our professional energy assessments make use of advanced tools like blower door testing to measure air leakage, infrared camera analysis to locate air leaks as well as gaps in insulation, and basic duct leakage assessment to see if energy is being lost through leaky ducts. We also conduct combustion safety testing to make sure appliances are working and venting properly, heating system efficiency testing for your furnace or boiler and water heater, and an interior and exterior visual home inspection to look for moisture, evidence of insulation damage, and more.

Signs You Might Need an Assessment, Sooner Rather Than Later

If you've noticed problems like high energy bills, temperature variations from one room to another, one room that's always freezing or has cold floors in the winter, you need an energy assessment. It is often the case that lots of small home performance issues are having a cumulative effect on home comfort and energy costs, and looking at the whole home as a system is the best way to resolve these issues! 

Our commitment to a more holistic approach to your home upgrades is part of what comprises the Hassler Difference, and it's how we create lasting relationships with our customers throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin counties.

Avoid comfort issues and high heating and cooling costs! Schedule a home energy assessment with Hassler today. Call (510) 296-3231 or book online now.

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