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October 19, 2023

Is your air conditioner having troubles this summer? As temperatures are expected to continue rising before the end of the season, you may be asking yourself what to do with your seemingly failing cooling system. 

The decision between repairing and replacing any HVAC system can be a difficult one, and Hassler is here to help! We recommend starting the process with an equipment service call with our trained service department staff or a home energy assessment to make sure there’s not something else leading to significant energy loss in your home, like poor insulation or air leaks. From there, our team can guide you through your decision and help find a solution that fits your budget and your comfort needs. 

Common Air Conditioner Repairs

We’ve seen a lot of air conditioner repairs in our time. Here are some common problems and how we diagnose and handle them.

Strange Noises

When your AC is making a noise that it never has before, this can be due to a common—and easily repaired—problem, like a broken belt or a failing blower fan. While any noise should be inspected by a professional, noises like a loud screeching or banging could mean a bigger problem and should be dealt with immediately.  

Bad Odors

If your AC smells musty, there’s a big chance that your system or ductwork has excess moisture and mold inside of it. When repairing this issue, the team at Hassler also finds the source of the moisture, as mold growth can have a serious effect on your indoor air quality and release pollutants into the air you breathe. 

Limited Airflow

This is a common issue that could be caused by low refrigerant levels or even a clogged air filter, which are both easily fixable. However, an AC blowing hot air could also point to a failing compressor, so it’s important to call in the professional team from Hassler to find the source of the problem. 

Repair or Replace: Factors to Consider 

Whether you have a traditional air conditioner or a heat pump, the Hassler team can help you determine if your system needs air conditioner repair services or if it’s time for a replacement. Here are some common things to consider when making your decision:

Your AC’s Age

While an air conditioner can last up to 15-20 years, they generally start to lose their efficiency after around 10 years. If you’re starting to have recurring issues with your cooling system and it’s more than a decade old, replacement may be the best option. 

Your Comfort

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air and you’re constantly struggling to get comfortable in your own home—and you’ve checked your thermostat settings—replacing your system with a newer, better performing model could be the right decision. 

Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed high cooling bills this summer without using your AC more than normal or an increase in your electricity rates? Since air conditioners lose their efficiency as they age, this could be a good sign that your cooling system is on its way out. 

Extent (and Cost) of Repairs

Generally, if the cost to repair your air conditioner is more than half the cost of a new unit, replacing it is recommended. Certain components of your AC—like the compressor, evaporator coil, and the condenser—are usually difficult to repair, thus costing more to replace than smaller parts of your system. 

Regular Maintenance: The Key to a Long-Lasting AC

We can’t stress the importance of maintenance enough. No matter what HVAC system you have—or how old it is—regular tune-ups are a crucial factor in determining how long and efficiently it will run. During a tune-up from Hassler, our technicians will thoroughly inspect every part of your air conditioner, clean and replace any fluids and filters, along with ensuring it’s working at top performance. We even offer further peace of mind with our comprehensive VIP Club Memberships!

As a VIP Club Member, you’ll get:

  • Priority scheduling 
  • No overtime fees
  • 15% discount on repairs and demand service call charges
  • Extended one-year warranty on all repairs
  • And more!

Hassler: Your Cooling System Experts in Marin, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties

From heat pump repair to installing a new air conditioner, the Hassler team can handle it all. Our team is experienced and trained in building science in order to view your whole home as an interconnected system, enabling us to find long-lasting and effective solutions to your cooling problems. We can even help you qualify for several rebates and incentives for heat pumps and high-efficiency air conditioners! Are you ready to get your comfort back? Contact our team and understand The Hassler Difference.

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