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July 11, 2023

Is your upstairs unbearably hot when the summer weather heats up? While inconsistent temperatures are a common home comfort issue, it isn’t one you want to deal with during a Bay Area heat wave. The team at Hassler Heating & Air can help you solve your hot upstairs with several home performance solutions that will keep you cool and comfortable this summer, and for many years to come. 

The Reason Your Second Floor Is So Hot

The outdoor air is drastically warmer and less dense than the indoor air in the summer. This difference in temperature and air pressure causes hot air to force its way in through your attic and upper levels of your home. The cooler, denser indoor air is then forced down to your basement or crawl space and pushed out through holes and gaps. 

This phenomenon is what building scientists call the stack effect. It explains why your upstairs can get so hot in the summer and drafty in the winter when the process is reversed. 

Solution: Air Sealing & Insulation Upgrades

Poor insulation and air leaks are the most common causes of uneven temperatures in a home. One of the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to this problem is air sealing and attic insulation upgrades. At Hassler, we can help you combat the stack effect and keep consistent temperatures throughout your home all year round. Improving your building envelope can also provide many other benefits, like lowering heating and cooling cost and better indoor air quality.

Solution: Hassler Customized Multi-Zone Systems & Ductless Mini Splits 

When your HVAC system transports conditioned air to your entire home at once, certain areas are bound to be warmer than others. By separating your home into different areas with HVAC zoning, you can enjoy more comfortable temperatures throughout your home—including your second floor. The team at Hassler can help you improve your whole home comfort and performance with our expertise in zoned HVAC systems. 

If your air conditioner is old or improperly sized for your home, you’ll get insufficient cooling during the summer months. While you can consider AC replacement to solve the issue, you can also install ductless mini splits for supplemental heating and cooling any time of the year. Ductless heat pump systems can efficiently heat and cool specific areas—like a room on your home’s second level—without connecting to your central duct system, making them easy to install. Ductless mini splits are small, versatile, and energy efficient solutions to inconsistent temperatures and stuffy upper levels. 

Know the Hassler Difference—Start With an Energy Assessment

To find out why your home’s upstairs can’t keep cool, start with an energy assessment—we recommend starting every home performance project with one! This comprehensive analysis of how your home is performing allows the experts at Hassler to uncover where it has inefficiencies. Our team can then provide you with custom recommendations to improve the temperature differences on your second level.

At Hassler Heating & Air, we want you to feel comfortable in your own home this summer. Our team of experts can help you pinpoint why your upstairs is so hot and bring you long-lasting and efficient solutions. We can even help you qualify for rebates and incentives for our insulation and mini split services, so you can maximize your savings!

Keep your upstairs cool all summer long with Hassler. Call 510-848-3030 or contact us online to schedule your energy assessment.

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