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January 14, 2021

Weighing out the pros and cons of installing a mini split heat pump in the Bay Area can be tough, whether you are considering a mini split as a supplemental heating and cooling solution for a hard-to-condition room or as a whole home heating and cooling system. Here are the reasons mini split systems are more than just an investment in your future home comfort—they are an investment in a more efficient home! 

Efficient Home Heat

Mini splits, also referred to as “ductless heat pumps”, move heat instead of creating it which is much more efficient than using combustion and fossil fuels. By installing a mini split before the winter is in full spring, you can secure reliable heat in your home for the entire winter, and start saving on energy (and on your energy costs) as soon as you turn your new system on. That’s not to mention the energy efficient air conditioning it offers in the summer that will keep the savings going all year long!

Heat Pump Efficiency in the California Climate

It may not always feel like it, but the East Bay of California deals with a relatively mild winter each year. As we mentioned earlier, heat pumps move heat instead of creating it, which means in the wintertime, when a heat pump is heating your home, it will absorb any of the ambient heat in the outside air and send it inside.

Heat pumps and mini splits can do this even when the outside temperatures are well below zero, but they work more efficiently the higher the temperature is outside, making heat pumps and ductless mini splits well suited for the warm and dry California climate!

One Step Closer to Capping the Gas Line

Back in July of 2019, the city of Berkeley banned the construction or hookup of any new natural gas lines. This legislation is the first in many steps towards decarbonization, and getting rid of fossil fuel-based energy. Because a mini split heater and air conditioner runs on electricity alone, it is already compliant with future energy codes, saving you the headache of possibly having to replace your heating and cooling system out of necessity for compliance. 

Increased Sustainability

According to the EPA, “space heating accounts for about 42 percent of energy use in U.S. residences”. If you can reduce the energy required to keep your home comfortable here in Alameda, Marin, and Contra Costa Counties, you can reduce your carbon footprint for the lifetime of your home’s heating and cooling system. This benefits your local environment, helps California reach its climate goals, and can help slow the effects of global warming. 

Call Hassler for Mini Split Heat Pumps in the Bay Area, CA

Do you think your home would benefit from installing a mini split? Get a good sense of mini split location requirements and how you might benefit from zoning your home into different comfort zones when you partner with Hassler Home Services. Our heat pump installation experts will know how to best place your new equipment for air distribution and flow, and how to best maintain the energy efficiency of your mini split. 

Add a mini split to your home comfort arsenal today, and benefit all year round! Schedule mini split installation with Hassler at 510-848-3030 or get in touch here.

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