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June 17, 2015

For Californians living in Concord, San Rafael and Oakland areas, there’s seldom been a more important time than now to be focusing on saving water. The drought is in full swing, and remedying the problem can only be done if every California resident is on board with limiting the amount of water they utilize each week. There are plenty of things that you can do to save water (we’ll get into that in a moment), but it’s important to also focus on saving energy. This is where tankless water heaters come in.

Tankless Water Heaters vs. Storage Tanks

It’s no secret that water heaters which utilize storage tanks are not without their shortcomings. Tankless water heaters set out to fix these issues. For example, traditional storage tanks typically hold a great deal of water (many gallons) and utilize an enormous amount of electricity simply to keep it hot on a constant basis. In many cases, this hot water isn’t even needed for long periods of time.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, help to save on energy while not sacrificing the convenience of quick hot water for your home. In fact, they can provide endless hot water in ways that storage tank heating systems cannot.

Tips for Saving Water

While the amount of water you utilize in your own home is completely up to you, it’s important that we all do our part to help reverse the drought that has plagued the state of California. At Hassler, we recommend taking shorter showers, which can be just as effective without any of the excess water waste. The same goes for brushing your teeth — try shutting the water off until it’s time to rinse. Upgrading your appliances to those which are more efficient and utilize less water will also be effective, and as with switching to a tankless water heater, upgrading will reduce energy consumption to a large degree.

If you currently have an old storage tank heater that is running inefficiently, it may be costing you hundreds of dollars a year in unnecessary energy waste. A new, efficient tankless hot water system will help to reduce your energy bills and increase home comfort for you and your family. Installation is simple, and maintenance is a veritable breeze.

It’s time to go tankless. Call us now to learn more about what our tankless water heaters can do for you.

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