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March 8, 2022

What’s on your spring to-do list? Are you finally going to turn your temporary home office into a more permanent one? Or is there a languishing landscaping project you are hoping to finally resolve? The warm weather of spring has many homeowners feeling productive when it comes to taking care of their to-do lists, but is your heating and cooling system included in your spring plans?

Here is the spring HVAC to-do list for your home here in Alameda, Contra Costa, or Marin county, so you can keep your home cool, comfortable, healthy, and efficient all the way through the summer and fall. 

  • Replace Your Air Filters

Did you spend more time inside your home this last year than in years past? Your air filters are likely full of dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants from the long winter. The good news is, your air filter did its job! But it should be changed out for a fresh filter up to every 90 days based on usage and manufacturer specifications. 

A clogged or dirty air filter will lose its filtration properties and force your furnace, heat pump, and/or air conditioner to work harder than usual to pull in the air it is trying to condition. This relatively inexpensive DIY task will ensure good indoor air quality without negatively impacting your energy costs. 

  • Clear the Debris From Outside HVAC Equipment 

If you have a central AC, a ductless mini split, a ducted heat pump, or any kind of cooling equipment that includes an outdoor compressor, it is imperative to clear out the space around it. Foliage, twigs, trash, building materials, kids’ toys, and just about anything else you might find in your backyard can cause problems when it comes time to turn on your cooling system for the first time this season. Clear a 12” to 18” space around your outside unit, including any landscaping that may have overgrown into the space around your compressor. 

  • Inspect Your Thermostat

Is your thermostat operating as it should? Does it need new batteries? Does the temperature on your thermostat seem to give an accurate reading of the temperature in your home? If you have noticed issues with your thermostat, or if you have upgraded any heating and cooling equipment recently, consider replacing your thermostat with a programmable or smart thermostat. These compact and easy-to-use devices are the brain of your home comfort, and can offer increased control and energy bill savings!

  • Clean Heat Pump Filters

If your home comfort system includes a mini split heat pump, most makes and models allow for easy DIY cleaning of the air filters. Here is how to clean your heat pump filters:

  1. Ensure the unit is turned off.

  2. Lift up the front cover using the lift tabs on the side.

  3. Remove the air filter—it should look like plastic with a sheer metal screen.

  4. Wash the filter in the sink with warm water until all debris and dust are removed. 

  5. Allow the filter to fully dry. 

  6. Place the filter back into your heat pump and close the front cover.

  • Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

The final thing on your to-do list should be to call in the home heating, cooling, and indoor air quality specialists at Hassler. One of our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will get “under the hood” of your HVAC units, whether that is an air conditioner, a heat pump system, or even your furnace. Our HVAC system maintenance services include a full tune-up of your system, including:

  • Validation of heat exchanger
  • Inspection of the cooling coil (if accessible)
  • Inspection of the condenser coil
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Verifying airflow
  • Measurements of any temperature differences
  • Measuring all volts and amps
  • Testing all safety controls
  • Tightening all electrical connections

A thorough HVAC tune-up ensures your heating system is back in fighting shape after a long winter, and that your cooling system is ready for the upcoming gauntlet of another hot and dry California summer!

Looking for Other Ways to Stay Comfortable at Home This Year?

If you have been noticing all the ways your home is making your everyday comfort a real struggle, ask the team at Hassler about improving the overall performance of your heating and cooling system, and your home. We can help find the right home upgrade for you, addressing the root causes of your comfort issues and finding cost-effective solutions. 

Need help with your annual AC, furnace, or heat pump maintenance? Leave the hassle behind and call Hassler! Call 510-848-3030 or get in touch here.

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