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May 16, 2018

The warmer months are here, and while El Cerrito homeowners enjoy some of the best weather in the country, there will be plenty of days when you’ll want to be sure your home is healthy and your air conditioning is in peak condition.

For a comfortable summer inside your home, now is the time to check off a few home maintenance projects. You’ll not only stay cooler this summer but also feel more comfortable and save on energy bills all year long!

how to prevent hot summer, hassler heating and air, hassler air conditioning, air conditioning ca, home smells ca3 Upgrades for a Healthier, More Comfortable Home

When it comes to home improvements, there are hundreds of fixes and upgrades that can help your Alameda, Contra Costa or Marin County home. We’ve chosen three that can make an immediate and significant impact on your health, comfort and utility bills.

1.Tune Up or Upgrade Your Air Conditioning

When you turn on your air conditioning, you expect it to work, providing that welcome cool respite from the heat outside. But if your AC hasn’t been serviced regularly or is nearing the end of its life, that may not happen.

Hassler’s team of experts can check out your current cooling unit and perform any necessary repairs and maintenance — and let you know if it’s time for an upgrade. With our expertise, you’ll enjoy more efficient cooling and lower AC bills all summer.

2. Schedule Air Sealing and Insulation Inspection

Even if your air conditioning is working well, it won’t be able to work efficiently or keep you cool if warm air is entering your home all summer. Our experts can pinpoint air leaks and gaps in insulation that are letting summer heat into your home.

After locating problem areas, air sealing will close small gaps and cracks throughout your home to prevent moist, polluted air from entering. Upgrading your insulation, meanwhile, will block summer heat out so it doesn’t raise temperatures inside your home. Your heating and cooling systems will last longer, and you’ll enjoy greater energy savings year round.

3. Control Moisture in Your Crawl Space

The condition of your crawl space can have a bigger effect on your home’s comfort and air quality than you might think. Any air in your crawl space will move into your living area, so if it’s damp, moldy, smelly or even hosting insects or other pests, all of these things will become part of your living space unless treated.

A vapor barrier plays a key role in controlling moisture in your crawl space. The experts at Hassler understand the science behind vapor barriers and will install yours professionally to ensure that moisture stays out, protecting your home and indoor air quality.

We have a reputation for quality workmanship and excellent products and service. Whether it’s a repair, an upgrade or an energy assessment for an in-depth look at your entire home’s energy usage, we’re here to help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with thoughtful, long-term solutions.

Ensure your health and comfort this summer and the rest of the year with help from Hassler. Contact us or call (510) 848-3030 today!

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