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December 19, 2022

Updating, maintaining, and installing the heating and cooling system in your home here in the East Bay is no small consideration or expense, so trusting the best HVAC contractor near you will be of the utmost importance. If you have the foresight to start looking for a licensed HVAC contractor before you are in an emergency situation where you need to replace an HVAC system, you’ll want to know what to look for in an HVAC contractor. Here are the factors to consider in your heating and cooling research:

What HVAC Services Do You Need?

What is the scope of your heating and cooling issues and needs? Is it a broken furnace, an AC that won’t blow cool air, or a heat pump that is acting up? While most HVAC contractors will work with both heating and cooling equipment, not all contractors will work on all makes and models of equipment. Ensure the businesses in question provide the services you need before you make your decision!

Experience & Reputation

No two homes are exactly alike, and where your home is located matters when it comes to efficient home heating and cooling. For these reasons, it is imperative that your HVAC contractor has local experience. How long has the contractor in question been in business in your area? And don’t forget to look for reviews from other homeowners in your area to get a sense of how your neighbors have reacted to their HVAC services. 

Certifications & Licensing

The state of California legally requires that HVAC contractors be licensed to do any air conditioning work, and contractors should have their license numbers listed on their websites. Some other common HVAC certifications to look for include: 

  • North American Technical Excellence (NATE)

  • BBB Accreditation

  • Diamond Certification 

Diagnostic/Evaluation Process

Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to the long-term efficiency and life span of your heating and cooling upgrade is the process by which your contractor diagnoses the issue at hand. Do they provide boilerplate furnace or AC replacements, or is there a diagnostic process and evaluation? 

At Hassler Heating and AC, we operate under the building science principle that the entire home is an interconnected system, and changes in one part of the home will affect all others. The size of your home, the design of the ductwork, your own comfort habits, and even the insulation and air seal of your home can affect decisions like whether or not you should repair or replace a furnace or AC. We will not be able to exceed your expectations if we are not absolutely sure how to provide the best heating and air conditioning replacement for your unique comfort needs, budget, and home. This is the cornerstone of The Hassler Difference, and why we perform thorough evaluations before completing any work!

Availability of Financing and Rebates

Finally, when it comes to your HVAC installation costs, how do you plan to pay, and are there any savings available to reduce the upfront costs? There are rebates or promotional savings available for East Bay homeowners looking to upgrade to more efficient heating and cooling equipment. An HVAC contractor that has the right affiliations will be able to connect you with utility rebates and federal programs aimed at reducing HVAC costs. 

For the costs that remain after rebates and incentives, make sure to ask your contractor what financing options are available, so you can can take advantage of promotional offers or spread the cost into a monthly payment so you don’t have to delay your home comfort upgrade even a day longer. 

Looking for a trusted heating and AC contractor in the East Bay? Call Hassler to take the hassle out of your HVAC upgrade. Call (510) 296-3231 or contact us online.

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