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Does your home have vaulted ceilings instead of an attic? Are you doing remodeling that will necessitate some or all of your exterior walls to be opened? Is your heating and cooling equipment in the attic? Is your floor built using post and beam construction (with framing every 4 feet instead of every 16 or 24 inches)? Do you need to get as much insulation as possible into a space that doesn’t seem big enough to get all the insulation value (R-Value) you need? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to consider installing spray foam insulation in your home.

Open & Closed Cell Spray Foam

There are two types of spray foam: open cell and closed cell spray foam. Each type has its own benefits and can be used in slightly different ways. Open cell spray foam is less expensive and has high R-value, good durability, and air sealing properties. Closed cell spray foam has a higher R-Value and also works as a moisture barrier with vapor protection properties.

The Spray Foam Differencespray foam insulation

Spray foam has some unique properties that make it a great option for a variety of projects:

Air Sealing with Spray Foam

Unlike most other insulation products, spray foam seals air leaks as it is installs, accomplishing two important tasks at once. Applied with a spray foam “gun,” the insulation self-adheres to surfaces as it is installed and expands as it cures, creating uniform coverage that won’t settle or lose its performance over time. (Other insulation products settle over time, and will often need maintenance or replacement after 25 years).

Moisture Barrier

Closed cell spray foam acts as a moisture barrier as well as an air barrier and insulation, enabling “unvented” attics and cathedral ceilings to be retrofitted into homes. This helps to remedy and even prevent moisture problems.

Building Envelope Integrity

When spray foam is installed in an attic, the insulation is installed against the roof, not against the ceiling like traditional insulation products. Installing against the roof sheathing adds protection to the “building envelope” (the seam of the building), which means better building efficiency: conditioned air is less likely to leak out (exfiltrate) and unwanted, unconditioned air is less likely to leak in (infiltrate) to the attic. If your furnace or air conditioning system is located in the attic, keeping the attic warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer saves energy, since any efficiency losses in the heating or AC system are lost to the “inside” of the home, rather than allowed to escape outdoors.

Spray Foam Installs with Hassler

Our dedicated team of professionals has installed spray foam in countless homes across the East Bay Area, from Moraga to Berkeley Hills and beyond. We’re ready to meet the needs of your home to ensure it is as comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective as possible. We suggest starting with an energy audit, a diagnostic test in which we’ll evaluate the efficiency of your home and pinpoint areas of thin insulation, air leakage, and more that could use improvement.

When spray foam is the right product to use, nothing else comes even close in terms of performance and durability. We’ll also work with you to see if you are eligible for any applicable rebates and incentives.

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