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Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning is a participating contractor in the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program.

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program helps you make home improvements that can save energy and make your home more comfortable. These Whole Home rebates (ranging from $1,000 – $5,500) reward you for addressing your home energy efficiency needs as a system instead of piece by piece.

Homeowners in the Berkeley, Albany, Oakland, and Richmond areas are among the most forward-thinking individuals in the country. Many hold energy efficiency in high regard and want to make valuable upgrades that can help to reduce energy bills and improve home comfort levels, but financial concerns often get in the way. For this reason, plans to upgrade often get sidelined and don’t come to fruition at all.

Thanks to Energy Upgrade California Rebates program, this doesn’t have to be an issue any longer.

What are EUC Home Upgrade Rebates?

Energy Upgrade California is a state initiative helping Californians take action to save energy and make their homes more environmentally friendly. The Home Upgrade program offers homeowners up to $5,500 in rebates when making energy-saving home improvements. It allows you to view your home as a complex system that is made up of a variety of different components.

The Home Upgrade program starts by finding the right contractor to work with, like Hassler. We’ll conduct a home energy assessment, which is essentially a comprehensive analysis of the overall health of your home. From there, we can determine exactly which types of upgrades will be most effective given your current situation. Once the work is performed, we take the necessary steps to help you take advantage of all available rebates.

Home Energy Upgrade for Every CA Homeowner

At Hassler, we believe that financial boundaries shouldn’t get in the way of achieving true home performance. Rebates through the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program can help bring your vision to life, all the while saving you money in the process. Our team of trusted professionals will answer any questions along the way, ensuring that you’re always in the know about the upgrades being made to your home. We take care of all the rebate processing for you.

We can help you:

  • Assist you in deciding whether or not to pursue a Whole-House Home Energy Rating
  • Help you determine your eligibility based on your utility provider
  • Select an upgrade package that suits your needs
  • Get rebates, incentives and financing to help pay for your upgrade

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program is a great resource for California homeowners, and there’s no better time than now to take advantage of the potential savings. 

Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a home energy assessment.

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