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July 25, 2018

It’s summertime in the Bay Area, and all you want to do is escape the California heat in your (normally) comfortable home. You’ve had the thermostat set to your favorite temperature all day, but you are yet to hear the purr of the outdoor unit, or the whoosh of cool air through your vents.

What gives?

As the experts in the air conditioning needs of homes in Alameda, Contra Costa and Marin Counties, we hear this story a lot. And though the best way to avoid a failing air conditioner is regular professional yearly maintenance, we understand these things happen. And there can be a number of reasons your air conditioner won’t turn on — like a tripped circuit and wiring problems, a faulty thermostat, a dirty air filter, or a fan malfunction in your outdoor unit. But the question you are likely question you are likely asking at this point is, “What do I do about it?”

What to Do Next

There are a few things to check yourself before you’ll need to call the professionals for help:

Check your thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is set to “cool” and not “off” or “heat”. Then, set the temperature a full five degrees lower than the current temperature. Wait a minute. Still don’t hear the air coming through the vents?

Check the circuit breaker

It’s possible a power surge or blown fuse tripped the breaker in your main electric panel. Check that the unit corresponding to your outdoor unit has not tripped, and if it has, flip it back. If your breaker immediately trips again, it means there may be a larger issue with the wiring or overheating, and you should get a hold of a professional to better diagnose the issue.

If your electrical panel is showing no signs of a tripped circuit, check outside A/C unit. Some air conditioners have a shutoff box that contains a fuse. If this is blown, try replacing it.

Try a reset

While you are out checking for a blown fuse at the shut off box, look for a reset button on your air conditioner. If you happen to have one, try pushing it to reset the system.

If there is no such reset button, head back to your thermostat and turn the thermostat to the “off” position. Wait five minutes, and turn it back to “cool”, and wait to see if it turns back on. Sometimes all it takes is turning it off and on again!

When was the last time you changed your filters?

Haven’t thought about your air filters in a while? It’s likely time to check them to make sure they aren’t clogged. It can depend on the manufacturer recommendations, but you should be replacing your filters at least every 90 days to make sure your air conditioner isn’t working too hard to pull air through its filtration system.

Clear your condensate drain line

This one may be a little more technical, but it’s worth checking. When working properly, your air conditioner creates condensation while preparing the cooled air for your home, and that condensation escapes through a drain in your unit. This can sometimes become clogged and trip a safety switch that keeps the clogged drain from causing any additional damage. If you have a wet/dry vacuum, you can try to remove the clog that way, or you can pour hot water or vinegar down the drain to clear it.

Still Having Issues? Not Cool.

If none of these seem to get your home back to comfortable, it’s time to call the professionals. At Hassler, we employ the best in the industry with NATE-certified, EPA-licensed technicians to diagnose and repair your A/C unit as quickly as possible. If you are looking to get back your home comfort, rest easy knowing the experts at Hassler have got you covered.

Is your air conditioner acting up? Our trained professionals can get your home comfortable again. Call us at 510-848-3030 or contact us to schedule your repair today!

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