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March 5, 2021

What’s better than the feeling of walking your entourage up to the velvet rope, where a man with an earpiece says “The VIPs are here” before he opens the velvet rope for your exclusive entry?

Ok, so joining the Hassler VIP Membership Program may not be anything like a fantasy from the movie “A Night at the Roxbury”, but there are some pretty impressive perks that come with joining Hassler Heating and Cooling’s VIP Member Program. Here’s what you can expect from this annual maintenance and discount program. 

What Is the Hassler VIP Membership Program?

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to owning and maintaining a home here in the East Bay area. Between your heating and cooling systems, your ductwork, the insulation and air seal of your building envelope, your hot water heater, and the ventilation and filtration systems throughout your home, there is no shortage of to-do list items. Staying atop the proper maintenance and repair of these systems keeps your home comfortable, healthy and efficient, but it is a lot to handle both financially and mentally. 

With a VIP Membership with Hassler,  we will keep track of your maintenance and repair needs, so all you have to do is fit us into your schedule when it comes time for a visit. Plus, as we are ensuring that your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, water heater, and other mechanical equipment are in peak condition, you will save on the cost of repairs, emergency services, and more. 

What You’ll Get

When it comes to customer service, we treat everyone like a VIP Here at Hassler. But with you and your family under the VIP Membership umbrella, the Hassler team will ensure you receive priority scheduling before peak season when it comes to the annual Peace of Mind Ultimate Tune-Up for your heating and cooling system that is included in your membership. 

The Peace of Mind Ultimate Tune-Up Includes:

  • Run and test equipment 

  • Check general conditions and operations of all equipment. 

  • Check for gas leaks at the furnace. 

  • Check heat exchanger for cracks, corrosion, and holes. 

  • Inspect burner flame for rollout or deviation. 

  • Check condition batteries and general operation of thermostat. 

  • Assist customer with thermostat programming as needed. 

  • Check CO levels inside home. 

  • Lubrication as needed on motors and bearings. 

  • Check and adjust belt tension where needed. 

  • Check operation of starters, relays, and all safety devices. 

  • Check voltage and amperes to all motors. 

  • Check electrical connections, clean and tighten, as needed. 

  • Adjust pilot assembly, as needed. 

  • Inspect general condition of ductwork. 

  • Inspect general condition of venting system. 

  • Cleaning or replacement of filters. 

  • Record and document temperature rise and drop. 

  • Check condensate drain pan and drain lines. 

  • Check condition of condenser fan blades and motor. 

  • Inspect indoor coil for correct drainage. 

  • Inspect outdoor coils for cleanliness, corrosion, and oil residue. 

  • Check compressor contactors. 

  • Check run and start capacitors. 

  • Check economizer operation as needed.  

Plus, you can save on the cost of repairs and replacements that happen throughout the year. These additional savings include:

  • No overtime fees

  • 15% savings on repairs & demand service call charges

  • An extended one-year warranty on all repairs

  • *Free 1” air filter replacement included with every tune-up (Other high efficiency filters priced on site.)

Want to leave it ALL to us? Add these to your VIP Maintenance

No two homes are exactly alike, which means the maintenance needs of those homes will be unique, also. You can add the following systems to your VIP Membership for whole-home peace of mind and comfort:

  • Tankless water heaters

  • ERVs and HRVs

  • Mini splits (up to 5 indoor heads)

Ready to know what it costs to join the VIP Membership Program?


Take The Hassle Out Of HVAC Maintenance—Become a VIP Member!

With annual (heating) or bi-annual (heating and cooling) HVAC maintenance before the peak heating and cooling seasons, you can maintain stable home comfort that costs you less on your energy bills and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your equipment will stay operational for the entire season. Plus, as a VIP Member, you will save on the repairs, overtime fees, and more!

Less stress, less energy, and more comfort—join the Hassler VIP Membership Program! Call us today to learn more at 510-848-3030 or get in touch here.

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