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June 19, 2018
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It’s summertime—time for beaches and fun, school vacations and trips, and air conditioning that works! If the air conditioning in your Alameda, Contra Costa or Marin County home isn’t up to snuff, it’s not too late to improve the situation to get the cool comfort you need this summer. Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning has several solutions that will keep your home cool, comfortable and energy efficient.

Repair or Upgrade Your Air Conditioning

Whether your air conditioning needs a tune up, repair or replacement, our expert technicians are here to help with the best solution for your particular situation. We see your whole home as a system, so your air conditioning replacement will be sure to work efficiently within that system. We’ll help you get the right size and the appropriate air conditioning for increased home comfort and lower utility bills.

Install a Ductless Mini-Split System

Homeowners are excited about ductless mini-splits, the new, ultra-efficient, energy-saving way to heat and cool your home. These compact units consist of an outdoor compressor/condenser unit that’s connected to a unit inside that handles air regulation. They’re designed to efficiently transfer and distribute heat when you need it and remove heat from the air when you need to cool off. Mini-splits can be installed in any room and offer flexibility by creating heating and cooling zones around your home.

Upgrade Your Air Sealing and Insulation

Before planning too many major upgrades, make sure you’ve had your air sealing and insulation inspected. If these key components of an effective building envelope aren’t sufficient, it won’t matter how efficient your heating and cooling systems are, as your home won’t be able to hold heat in during the winter months or keep it out in summer. Insulation and air sealing are home performance upgrades that benefit you year-round with a more comfortable home, healthier indoor air quality and lower utility bills.

Look into WiFi Thermostats

Thermostats have come a long way over the years. Traditional thermostats offer ease of use and consistent comfort. Newer thermostats have programmable features that let you control your home’s temperatures throughout the day for maximum heating and cooling efficiency. And modern WiFi thermostats go one step further, allowing you to control your thermostats from your phone, wherever you may be. Forget to make an adjustment? No problem — it’s on your phone.

Get Expert Advice and Installation

Hassler has the experience and expertise to ensure your home performance upgrades are the best solutions for your unique situation. Whether you’re working with an older home or a new structure, we can help you find and install heating, cooling and ventilation systems that work with your home, decor and budget. We want all our customers to enjoy the highest level of home comfort, energy efficiency and savings possible.

Keep your cool this summer. Contact us or call 510-848-3030 to talk about your best solution today.

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