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April 16, 2020

Most homes in California utilize natural gas to heat their homes, which is a large source of greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce these harmful emissions, state and local governments have adopted renewable energy generation goals to combat global warming, and are giving homeowners financial incentives for converting their homes to using all electric energy sources and appliances, otherwise known as “electrification.”

Making Way for a Cleaner California

Homeowners making the switch to all electric home heating and water heating can help our state reach its goals for reducing carbon emissions. California wants to move to a goal of 100% renewable energy generation by the year 2045. Electricity generated from clean sources like wind, solar, and hydropower will help provide clean electric power for homes making the switch from natural gas to electricity and lower each home’s carbon footprint. 

To help reach these goals, the city of Berkeley, the county of Marin, and other surrounding communities are beginning to implement incentive programs and ordinances to help people make the switch to electric home and water heating, cooking, and clothes dryers. 

Because of these incentives, now is a good time to think about starting this process by upgrading your electrical panel, installing solar panels and a backup battery, and replacing all of the appliances in your home that use natural gas.

Fuel Switching Rebates

Perhaps you have seen or heard some of the details about The BayRen Home + Electrification Rebate Program — and there is good news: it has officially launched! In the past, rebate programs in the state of California did not give rebates to homeowners for switching from natural gas to electricity. There are now significant incentive dollars for making this switch, meaning there has never been a better time to consider electrification.

There are three new options that qualify for a $1,150 rebate for switching from gas to electric:

1. Upgrade your old standard tank gas water heater to an electric heat-pump water heater.

2. Switch from an old gas wall or floor furnace to a ductless mini-split heat-pump.

*This option requires you to have an existing window or wall AC unit (portable AC units do not currently qualify).

3. Upgrade to a ducted heat-pump system if you have an existing central AC and gas furnace in your home.

In order to qualify for these BayRen heat pump incentives, the original natural gas line must be capped, and photos must be submitted for approval. 

Some things to think about before going all electric: make sure your current electrical panel can support the new electric equipment. We recommend having a certified electrician inspect your existing panel prior to replacing your existing equipment. 

In addition to the heat pumps, consider including the installation of an induction cook-top stove and a heat pump clothes dryer to make your home all electric. This should be included in your electrical panel upgrade, so that there is enough capacity for your current and future upgrades. 

Why Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning?

Hassler Heating and Air Conditioning has two decades of experience installing ductless mini-split heat-pumps, ducted heat-pumps, and heat-pump water heaters. Our certified and qualified team can pair you with the right equipment for your home, handle the installation, educate you and your family on how to operate the new system, and then we can process your rebates for making the switch.

If you are looking for assistance finding the right home improvement financing option, we’ve got that covered too! From Residential Energy Efficiency Lending (REEL) to Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, we’ll help you find the right option to meet your budget. 

If you are ready to leave natural gas in the past, now is the time to do your part for the environment by operating a greener (and more comfortable) home!

Ready to start your electrification process? Say goodbye to natural gas and stay ahead of the game, and save while you're at it. Call Hassler Heating at 510-848-3030 or get in touch here.

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