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February 23, 2018

Does it seem like temperatures are ever-changing in your Bay Area home, with one room feeling warm and stuffy and the next room making you reach for a sweater? Achieving the perfect indoor temperature throughout your home can be difficult with a central ductwork system.

Fortunately, ductless mini-splits are a simple heating and cooling solution that offers custom home comfort and greater energy efficiency. Even if you already have heating and cooling systems installed in your home, adding a ductless mini-split can go a long way in improving home comfort.

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How Ductless Mini-Splits Work

Ductless mini-splits are rapidly gaining popularity here in the Bay Area due to their versatility and high energy efficiency. Rather than connecting to a central ductwork system, these dual-purpose units are installed directly in the rooms or areas of your home that you want to heat and cool.

This means that they can heat and cool areas where ductwork is not accessible, as well as areas that are particularly hard to condition with the main HVAC system. They also happen to be extremely energy efficient, meaning installing just one mini-split could significantly reduce home energy consumption.

What a Ductless Mini-Split Can Do for Your Home

Because of their versatility, ductless mini-splits have a myriad of benefits to offer. You may choose to install one in a home addition where ductwork does not reach, or you might install one in an area that just never seems comfortable, even with central heating and air conditioning.

You could even install several mini-splits for truly custom heating and cooling throughout your home, eliminating the need for central heating and cooling. Ductless mini-splits are also a great heating and cooling solution if you’ve been looking to increase home energy efficiency. They can lessen the workload of your HVAC systems while heating and cooling more efficiently, ultimately lowering those monthly energy bills.

Make the Most of Your Home with Hassler

You don’t have to compromise on home comfort. Going ductless will help you make the most of your home by giving you complete control over your indoor temperatures, all while reducing overall energy consumption. At Hassler, we help homeowners in El Cerrito and beyond take advantage of the many benefits of ductless mini-splits with a wide variety of HVAC solutions.

Find out what ductless mini-splits can do for you and your family. Call (510) 848-3030 or contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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