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December 11, 2018

In English, its just called “getting cozy”; but in Denmark, they have a single word for the feeling of being cozy and at home, called “Hygge” (pronounced “hue-guh”). If you frequent the world of Instagram hashtags, you may have been led to believe that Hygge is achieved by putting on some wool socks and sitting in front of the fire with a book. But the truth is, the temperature of your home has a much larger effect on how you can achieve Hygge, and upgrading your home comfort equipment (heating and air conditioning) as well as your home performance (insulation and air sealing) will be much more effective!

Insulation: It’s What’s Inside Your Walls That Matters

Having lots of pretty pictures and decorative shelving looks great, but if your walls aren’t properly insulated, you are likely admiring your pretty walls in a home that is much colder than it needs to be. Insulation is integral to your home’s performance, by preventing the transfer of heat through the exterior walls of your home. Many homeowners spend years thinking their insulation is only useful in the winter time, but insulation keeps your home more comfortable all year long. In the winter, insulation prevents the heat from escaping, and in the summer, it keeps it from infiltrating your living space.

Attic Insulation

Just the same as your walls, your attic should be properly insulated as well. That uninhabited space above your ceiling is an easy escape plan for the conditioned air inside your home. Even when your walls are properly insulated, the heat inside your home will look for cooler areas to escape to. An under insulated attic space will suck the warmth right out of your home and cause your heating equipment to work harder to keep up. This not only threatens your Hygge but it will cost you over time!

HVAC Equipment

Speaking of your heating equipment, if it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded your furnace, it may be time to invest in updated equipment.

There are some warning signs to look out for when it comes to diagnosing the state of your furnace. If any of these ring true, it’s likely time to call our home heating professionals and inquire about a furnace replacement:

  • The furnace is over 15 years old

  • The furnace has needed more than two repairs in the last year

  • You’ve noticed increase in your heating bills

  • Your furnace is increasingly noisy

Furnaces aren’t the only way to heat a house, either. At Hassler, we offer many other solutions for upgrading the cozy heat you are looking to have in your own home, like ductless mini-splits, direct-vent heaters, and heat pumps.

Hygge and the Hassler Difference

If you have been missing that Hygge feeling in your own home, it’s time to get serious about not only your home heating equipment, but your home performance as well. It’s difficult to feel fully comfortable in a home that is wasting energy and money as the trips to the thermostat increase these winter months.

When you are looking for a home heating and cooling contractor to exceed your expectations, the clear choice here in the Bay Area is Hassler. We stand by the Hassler Difference, and if it isn’t right we will make it so!

Hygge begins with what’s in your walls—not what’s on them. Experience the Hassler difference today! Call 510-848-3030 today or contact us to set up an appointment.

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