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April 10, 2018
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If you’re getting a tax refund this year, you’re probably thinking about all the different ways you can put the extra money to good use. Make sure those energy improvements to your home you’ve been putting off are on that list!

Now is a great time to schedule upgrades that increase the energy efficiency of your house, increase your overall comfort and put a real dent in those utility bills.

Home Performance Upgrades to Consider

There are many different upgrades that will help increase your home’s energy efficiency. Hassler can help you with everything from service and repair to ensure your current HVAC system runs at peak performance to modern energy-saving upgrades you can depend on for years to come.

  • Energy Assessment

A home energy assessment is often the best place to start as it puts you on the surest track toward a more comfortable home and lower energy bills. During the assessment, our team takes an in-depth look at your entire house to pinpoint where energy is being lost or equipment is not operating safely and efficiently. After an energy assessment, you’ll know exactly which improvements will bring you the biggest return on your investment so you can plan and prioritize upgrades.

  • Heating

From installation to maintenance and repair, Hassler has everything you need to stay warm and comfortable. We can service and maintain your current heating system or, if it’s time, upgrade you to a new, highly efficient system that costs less to run and offers zone heating for the ultimate in energy savings and comfort.

  • Air Conditioning

The AC is on and you’re still sweating? If your air conditioning isn’t quite cutting it, it may be time for repairs or an to upgrade to a more efficient and cost-effective unit. Hassler’s experienced technicians can tell you if repairs are all you need or if it’s time for a new AC unit. We’ll ensure your new unit is installed safely and correctly so you stay cool at home.

  • Indoor Air Quality

You can’t see it, but poor indoor air quality is far more common and dangerous than you might think. Pollutants are often prevalent indoors than outdoors, and they can make you sick, causing headaches, fatigue, sore throat, congestion and other allergic reactions. Well-maintained heating and cooling systems, including ductwork and ventilation, along with air sealing and air filtration systems can ensure your indoor air quality is safe and healthy.

  • Thermostats

From traditional to programmable and wireless thermostats, Hassler can help ensure yours is installed and operating correctly so you get all the benefits. The right thermostat will save you money, go easier on the environment by using less energy and let you control the comfort of your entire home. Newer thermostats offer Wi-Fi compatibility so you can control them from any place using your phone.

  • Tankless Water Heaters

New tankless water heaters take up less space and offer hot water on-demand. Rather than wasting energy by holding heated water in a tank until you’re ready to use it, tankless heaters flash heat the water when you turn on the tap, saving energy, significantly lowering your energy bills and providing you as much hot water as you need, whenever you need it.

Upgrade Incentives

There are several ways to save on your energy upgrades, through the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program, tax credits and affordable financing options. Don’t wait another season to live in a safer, more comfortable home, use less energy and save on utilities. Take advantage of the financial rewards available for making your home more energy efficient.

Put your tax return to work for a more comfortable home and lower energy bills. Contact us or call (510) 848-3030 today to get started.

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