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Except for heating and air conditioning, our homes use more energy for water heating than any other task! 25% or more of your home’s energy consumption typically goes to water heating, and the model you choose can have a big impact on consumption.

Traditional tank water heaters keep 40 or 50 gallons of water hot at all times. While you’re at work, your water heater is heating the same water three or four times – for nothing! On-demand water heaters are becoming increasingly popular by saving energy without sacrificing livability. In fact, on-demand water heaters can provide endless hot water for several showers in a row, when a standard tank water heater would struggle to keep up. In addition to the benefit of not keeping all that water hot all the time, on-demand water heaters feature burners that are 10-25% more efficient than those installed in standard tank water heaters, for additional savings.

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